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Save the Date: Nov 26 – Slurry acidification seminar in Brussels


Save the Date: 26th of November, 2018

An information seminar on reducing ammonia emissions from agriculture

Livestock manure is the main source of ammonia emissions in the European Union. Acidification of slurry is a well-known technique used to reduce ammonia emissions and save nitrogen in slurry. Therefore, slurry acidification benefits both the environment and the farmer.

The preliminary agenda for the seminar includes:

  • Presentations of slurry acidification techniques and the science behind them
  • Policy recommendations
  • Lunch
  • A farmer’s experience of slurry acidification techniques
  • A governance perspective

The information seminar will be held on:
Monday 26th of November at 2 pm – 6 pm
at the Copa-Cogeca Secretariat, Rue de Trèves 61, Brussels.

Registration will open soon.
More information: