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The partnership gathered for the last time

Baltic Slurry Acidification is coming to a close at the end of February. The project partners gathered for the last time in Jyväskylä, Finland to share the knowledge gained in the project and take in some new from other experts. 


Baltic Slurry Acidification organized its final seminar in connection to the Exchange Days for Agri-Environmental Knowledge organized by the Finnish Ministry of Environment, the Finnish Ministry of agriculture and forestry and the Rural Network Programme.

On Tuesday 12th of February, 2019, the results from the project were presented, one work package at a time. The presentations have been uploaded to the presentations and articles page. After the Baltic Slurry Acidification seminar, the partnership joined an audience of 250 persons for mingling and poster session presentations. The audience was also given the brand-new project final brochure.

The international part of the Exchange Days for Agri-Environmental Knowledge on Wednesday 13th of February started with a presentation by Conrad Stralka from the foundation Baltic Sea 2020. Mr. Stralka presented the environmental measures they have taken at a large pig farm in Poland. One of the measures was naturally slurry acidification. This was a great warm-up to BSA’s main message and gave project coordinator Erik Sindhöj an excellent opportunity to continue presenting the project, the slurry acidification techniques, why are they used and what the benefits are for the environment and for farmers.

After the conclusion of the Exchange Days the programme organized by Baltic Slurry Acidificiation continued with a policy workshop with invited stakeholder representatives. Through its studies and evaluations, the project has confirmed that the experiences from nearly 20 years of implementation of SATs in Denmark are transferable to the whole Baltic Sea region. Thus, the project recommends that all BSR countries arrange national workshops on how SATs could be implemented in each country.


Photos from the events in Jyväskylä

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