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Translations by Google


Films related to slurry acidification produced by project partners 

“Slurry acidification reduces ammonia emissions from agriculture” an introduction to SATs by Baltic Slurry Acidification and BSAG

“In-house acidification at Grønlund pig breeding farm” by Organe Institute (partly in Danish, partly in English)

“Acidification of slurry – a snapshot of the three slurry acidification technologies (SATs)” by Baltic Slurry Acidification (in Swedish)

“Preserving the soil is one of the most pressing agronomic challenges of today” a video about soil and slurry acidification by Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service. (in Lithuanian with English subtitles)

“Innovations: Slurry acidification technologies are tested” a video about in-field slurry acidification by Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service. (in Lithuanian with English subtitles)

“Manure spreading project – Baltic Slurry Acidification” a video about SATs and the BSA project by the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre. (in Latvian)

“Slurry Acidification Techniques” by AgroNews and Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Poland. (in Polish)