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ARTICLE – N-Effizienzsteigerung durch Gülleansäuerung – Experten diskutierten Potenziale und Risiken in Kiel by Sebastian Neumann, LLUR, published in Bauernblatt

LITERATURE REVIEW – An Alternative to Sulfuric Acid by Lena Rodhe, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Mateusz Sekowski, Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow Branch Office in Radom

ARTICLE – Status for air quality in BSR with respect to ammonia by Henning Lyngsø FOGED, enAgro Plc, and Natalia OBLOMKOVA, Institute for Engineering and Environmental Problems in Agricultural Production (IEEP)

ARTICLE – How to keep nitrogen in slurry (in Polish) published in Rolniczy Przegląd Techniczny by Martin Majchrzak, Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, Poland.


Baltic Slurry Acidification Final Brochure 2019