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Work packages

Baltic Slurry Acidification aims to reduce nitrogen loss from livestock production by promoting the implementation of slurry acidification techniques throughout the Baltic Sea Region. Core activities focus on establishing pilot SAT installations and field trials in countries around the Baltic Sea. Pilot installations and field trials will be used to disseminate knowledge to target groups via field walks and demonstrations to provide local experiences to help build end user confidence in these technologies.  The project will further clarify technological aspects and potential risks of acidification, analyse the environmental and economic implications, conduct market analysis and suggest policy recommendations that could help dissemination of SAT technology in the Baltic Sea region.  Communication and dissemination of results and findings will be done in all stages of the project via all work packages.

Baltic Slurry Acidification Work Packages:

  • WP 1 Project Management and Administration, Coordination of communication
  • WP 2 Technical Feasibility Studies
  • WP 3 Pilot Installations and demonstrations
  • WP 4 Field Trials
  • WP 5 Environmental and Economic Implications
  • WP 6 Policy Recommendations and Analyses of Markets and Legislation