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WP 1: Project management and administration


The task of WP 1 was to enable the partners to work in the project by taking care of the project management and administration but also participate in the work of the different work packages. In addition to this, WP 1 took care of the general communication of the project and coordinated WP related communication activities.

WP 1 project coordination was done with the help of the steering group which consisted of the project management team and other WP leaders.

Specific activities of WP 1 included:

  • Manage good internal and external communication
  • Manage and foster the overall project vision
  • Establish guidelines and routines for financial management and reporting
  • Establish routines for follow up, monitoring and feedback
  • Manage sound crisis management
  • Keeping administration at an appropriate level
  • Strengthening the links and synergies between WP’s
  • Strategic steering of the project with respect to external developments.


WP 1 Contacts:

WP 1 Project Coordinator
Erik Sindhöj, JTI – Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Sweden
email:, tel: +46 707 106555

WP 1 Project Management
Martin Sundberg, JTI, Sweden
email: , tel: +46 703 70 86 31

WP 1 Project Management
Lena Rodhe, JTI, Sweden
email:, tel: +46 761 031333

WP 1 Communication
Paula Biveson, Baltic Sea Action Group, Finland
email:,  tel: +46 730 801088