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WP 2: Technical Feasibility Studies


WP 2 aims to speed up the process of overcoming technical and practical bottlenecks for implementing the use of Slurry Acidification Technologies (SATs) in the Baltic Sea Region.

A feasibility study will summarize the understanding of and solutions for potential issues and risks related to the transfer of SATs to countries in the region. For example, specific SATs may need to be adapted or modified to fit typical manure handling systems of a particular country, concrete quality of existing manure handling installations may be an issue with acidification in other countries, and the accumulation of sulphur and the potential need for addition liming may need to be addressed for some soils. Seminars and or workshops will be organized for farmers, farmer associations, advisory services and other relevant stakeholders to disseminate WP2 outputs.

Specific objectives include analyses of the following:

  • Relevant manure handling systems for SATS
  • Equipment quality evaluations
  • Slurry buffering capacity
  • Slurry acidification effects on soils
  • Working environment and safety
  • Ammonia emissions from acidified slurry

Some of the key results have been presented in poster form.

Access the poster here.


WP 2 contacts

WP Leader:  Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, Poland
Wacław Romaniuk, email:

Assisting project partner:  JTI – Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Sweden
Lena Rodhe, email: