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WP 3: Pilot Installations and Demonstrations

WP 3 is responsible for pilot Slurry Acidification Technology (SAT) investments. As an actual application of SATs in Baltic Sea Region countries, the pilots are the core of the project.

Data related to the installation and operation of the investments will be collected and used for the environmental and economic analysis of WP 5 (Environmental and Economic Implications). The pilot investments will also be involved in a demonstrations program to increase local exposure of technologies. Pilot SATs installed in every country will give farmers and other end-users the chance to observe the practical aspects of SAT application, as well as the benefits of using SATs, under local conditions, which will help build their confidence in these technologies.

The aim of WP 3 is to plan and organize investments in pilot installations of various SATs in each country, taking into account existing conditions, equipment and practices used for field spreading of slurry at the farms in the local area. WP 3 will also help orchestrate the realization of the procurement, the installation and initial testing of the SAT, and the generation of a plan for use of the SAT in order to acquire the operational and other practical data. There will also be an extensive plan for demonstration activities of the SATs to aid in spreading knowledge and generating interest among local farmers and advisors.

Specific objectives of WP 3 include activities like:

  • Reporting of feasibility studies for pilot installations
  • Managing procurement, installation and commissioning of SATs
  • Reporting of initial experiences of using SATS in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Demonstrating pilot installations

The activities of the work package has been summarized in poster form. Access the poster here.


WP 3 Contacts:

WP Leader:  Ltd Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre, Latvia
Jānis Kažotnieks, email:, tel: +37126660676

Assisting  project partner:  enAgro Plc,  Denmark
Henning Lyngsø Foged, email:, tel: Tel. +45 6141 5441