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WP 4: Field Trials

The aim of WP 4 is to reach a broad base of farmers and other end-users in each country to raise their awareness, increase knowledge and help build confidence relating to the effects of Slurry Acidification Technologies (SATs). WP 4 will act as a link between the pilot installations and farmers, and is one of the most critical aspects of the project in terms of building farmer confidence in SATs.

WP 4 will organize field trials for testing the use of acidified slurry against non-treated slurry. Aside from supporting the aims of WP 4, the results from field trials will be delivered to WP5 (Environmental and Economic Implications) to verify the theoretical estimates of impacts of SATs that will be evaluated through the environmental and economic analyses.

There will be open field days and field walks in each partnering country. The events will focus on spreading knowledge about the field trial results. Target groups are farmers and other end-users, advisors, relevant Nongovernmental organizations as well as public authorities and policy makers.

Specific objectives include activities like:

  • Determining the methodology of field trials
  • Carrying out the trials
  • Producing guidelines and policy recommendations

Find some conclusions from the field trials

summarized in poster form.


WP 4 Contacts:

WP Leader:  Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service, Lithuania
Gintare Kucinskiene, email:

Assisting project partner:  JTI – Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Sweden
Gunnar Lundin, email: