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WP 5: Environmental and Economic Implications


WP 5 aims to increase knowledge concerning the environmental and economic impacts of slurry acidification technologies (SATs) in order to help build end-user confidence in SATs and to help justify the risks involved with investing in these innovative technologies.

Environmental impact studies of SATs implementation will highlight the potential which the existing innovative techniques have for improving manure fertilizer value, decreasing nitrogen loss from agriculture and helping countries meet strict ammonia emission reduction targets.

Financial studies of SAT implementation will provide end-users the tools necessary to make their own calculations and estimates on the feasibility and potential profitability of Implementing SATs. The economic analysis of SAT implementation that combines both the environmental and financial analysis will be a key tool the project will provide to authorities and policy makers for raising their capacity concerning the value of supporting SAT implementation in relation to other measures for meeting the ammonia emission reduction targets.

WP 5 will work in close cooperation with WP 2 (Technical Feasibility Studies), WP 3 (Pilot Installations and Demonstrations) and WP 4 (Field Trials).

Specific objectives of WP 5 include activities like:

  • Determining methodology and data collection used to analyse environmental and economic effects
  • The overview about environmental effects of implementing SATs
  • Financial analysis of implementing SATS
  • Economic analysis of environmental impact of implementing SATs


Both the economic and environmental impacts have been summarized in separate posters.

Read about the economic impacts here. 

Read about the environmental here.


WP 5 contacts

WP leader:  Estonian Crop Research Institute, Kalvi Tamm
email: Tel. +3723223886

Assisting project partner:  JTI – Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Sweden
Andras Baky, email:

tel: +46 (0) 730-66 94 94